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All of our DVDs work and strengthen the core, but our newest DVD - Easy Tai Chi CORE - REALLY maximizes core movement.

Using rarely taught tai chi secrets and a step by step approach, we offer a delightful combination of Yang and Chen style postures that can help you:

- improve flexibility, strength, circulation and balance
- strengthen your back
- reduce back pain
- become more present and focused
- improve immune function
- breathe more deeply and fully all the time
- reduce stress levels almost instantly
- worry less and live in gratitude
- change the neurochemicals in your brain to help heal your body
- decrease dangerous stress hormones and increase hormones that help you feel happy, grateful and content
- help you find balance in all aspects of your life

This is the THIRD DVD is a stand alone form, but is best learned as part of our step-by-step series.

If you don't have any of the first three, we'd suggest ordering one or these packages that include Easy Tai Chi CORE

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When Ordering a tai chi DVD, there are two Keys to Success

1. Do not purchase a DVD where the instructor faces the camera. Think about it. If he goes to the left, you must go right. Forward is backward. It can drive you crazy.

2. Do not try to learn too many postures in a class OR by DVD. Most instructors focus on the number of postures, but the essence of tai chi can be found in just ONE. Better to practice a few GREAT postures than many weak ones.

Read this:
How to Choose a Tai Chi DVD


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